A little bit about me...


I am a Surface Designer Maker with a passion for experimenting with materials, processes, colours and textures. I enjoy combining these in a variety of ways to try and create new and exciting surfaces, finishes and outcomes. I am very hands-on in my work, and enjoy experimenting with a range of hand tec­­hniques, resulting in outcomes that are organic and bespoke.


Having grown up in South Africa, I am greatly inspired by nature. I have travelled around much of southern Africa experiencing its diverse and vibrant landscapes and cultures. Since my move to England, I continue to enjoy exploring the contrasting landscapes, which has inspired both the imagery and the hands on approach to my projects. My projects are greatly inspired by our natural world and the wide variety of textures, forms, materials and processes that are all around us, combining my interest in travel with my passion for surface design. 


Design Junction, London Design Festival 2017

 - with the design collective Trouping Colour

Surface Material Show 2016, UK Construction Week

- with the Material Lab Hub

TENT Super Bands, London Design Festival 2016

- with the collective Red Shed Graduates

New Designers 2016

- with Buckinghamshire New University 

" Materialist they are deep.

They care about what a building looks like, what a product feels like. The impact on the people in it, the texture when you touch it. They care as much about the design as the materials that make it. They celebrate the brilliant and fight the bland. Materialism is the difference between choosing a material that will 'do the job' and a material that will 'make the job'. Between good and great, bland and brilliant. "

-Surface Matter 

Awards & Publications

Dulux Colour Furtures Live Project 2015

- Commendation


Bradford Textile Society Competition 2015

- Commendation

Surfaceology Series - Geomorphic Surfaces Featured in:

  • Embroidery - the Textile Art Magazine September 2016

  • Colour Hives Mix Magazine Issue 46 & 49